In the year 1965 there was still no KFZ admission service in Munich, neither in Bavaria.

Probably not even in the whole of Germany, according to Siegfried Stocker and according the results of various online searches. In the mid-1960s there were just nine million cars registered with the authorities throughout Germany, today there are five times as many! But even then, going to the TÜV office was a time-consuming and nerve-racking undertaking.

Siegfried Stocker was still earning his living as a taxi entrepreneur at that time and recognized a potential in establishing a new business to address this problem, that is often a topic even among colleagues. Especially his friendly relations to international car owners formed a loyal basis to regular customers in the early years of the company, who gladly put approvals and administrative procedures into the hands of the Munich company.

More than 50 years have passed since then. And because long-term stability and service quality go hand in hand with tradition, many of his customers still come from the Mediterranean country beyond the Alps, in addition to numerous residents of Munich.

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